Few common Asked Qustion

Animated Classes create an environment where studens involve themselves in the learning and easily understand the chapter. Psychologists says it helps the students to remember the concepts for long periods because when we watch something we remember it for long times.
Students can ask their doubts to our expert faculities by chat & video calling & get instant solution aslo they watch some common douubt classes that asked by millions of students.
Mock Test Is the latest format of e-Exam Pre Practice System. It helps the Students To Practise Their Course Subjects for get better results in their exams. Students can know their progress.
eLearner Sathi TAB Learning pogramme help the learners to save the classes in offline mode that help to learn if internet is not available.
Our Animated Video classes help the students to understand & remember the topic very easily, Students can watch the classes repeatedly until they understand, Mock test help them to improve their topic knowladge and their are so many facilities to improve the students strenth that are not available in traditional tution.
Yes, it is possible through eLearner Sathi "Home Base Computer Education" we provide a brand new computer system with the course where students can do their practical in their home and our teacher provide theory classes with screen sharing technology that help the students to understand the theory part easily.

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