Our Facilities

Our Team Always work towards to inovate New Facility

Animated Video Class

Animated Classes create an environment where studens involve themselves in the learning and easily understand the chapter. Psychologists says it helps the students to remember the concepts for long periods. eLearner Sathi All Classes are Developed with Graphical animation.

Doubt Clear Class

We upload some Doubt Classes in our portal that commonly asked by milions of students, Also student can ask their own doubt by chat & Video calling & get instant solutions.

Mock Test (Practice)

Mock test is design for help the students to know their progress, students can check instantly the right answer with its solutuins. We upload Mock Test Practice in every chapter .

e-Exam (Test)

eLearner Sathi e-Exam Test is designed with timer that help the students to answer the questions in time. Students can track how much time they spent to answer a question.

Weeklly Exam (Scholarship)

eLearner Sathi cunduct an exam all over the state in every week and publish the top 100 students list in our portal. As a result students attend the exam as a challeng. Last of the year If a student get 70% time in top 100 list, He/She eligible for scholarship. t&c

Cover All Subject

First Time in INDIA not only Science, Math but eLearner Sathi cover All the subjects of Syllabus. We think every subjects is improtant for a students career.

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